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Local land charges

A local Land Charge search is usually needed when buying or selling property or land. It will tell you if there are any charges or restrictions and let you know what your responsibilities are.

You can get this information by:

  • completing LLC1 or Con29 Forms (these are available from your solicitor or from Oyez Forms)
  • searching the Local Land Charges register in person (no fees)

For more information you can read the guide to buying a home or the guide to selling a home.

Applying for a search

Local Authority search

You will need to send us the relevant LLC1, Con29R or Con29O forms, depending on your requirements, along with a site plan. This should be an Ordnance Survey extract (scale 1:1250 or 1:2500) clearly outlining the search area in red.

We will return your searches within 15 working days from receipt of payment.

Payment can be made by Bacs, Visa or debit card. We will send you a secure payment link or details once we have received your request. We can no longer accept cheques.

Send your forms by

Fees for a local authority search

Please contact us before paying for your search to get an accurate quote. 

Search type


Including VAT

Basic fee for a full local land charges searches



LLC1 search only



Con29 only



Part II CON29O q4 to q22

£20 each


Any additional questions

£20 each


Each parcel of land full search or Con29R and O only

£20 each


Parcels of land, LLC1 only

£20 each


Question 1 to 3.15 CON29R

£5 each


Personal search

You will need to email the Land Charges team a site plan and a full postal address. There are no fees for personal searches.

We will then email a schedule of matters affecting the property or land held within our register.

Drainage searches

Enquiries regarding water searches and drainage issues can be obtained from:

The best way to identify your water company is to check your utility bill.

Public Protection Notices

The register of Public Protection Notices is available to download.