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Scheduled monuments

Search the Defra Magic website for the location of many designations, including scheduled monuments.

More information is available from the Gloucestershire Historic Environment Record.

Properties that include a scheduled monument

A scheduled monument is protected against disturbance (and unlicensed metal detecting).

Written consent must always be obtained before any work can be done (with the exception of work related to agriculture or gardening, where these activities are already being carried out). Some development may also need planning permission.

The sympathetic management of monuments is encouraged and Historic England has locally based monument wardens who can offer owners more detailed advice about how to manage their monuments.  Grants may also be available from agri-environment schemes.

It is a against the law to damage a scheduled monument by carrying out works without consent, cause reckless or deliberate damage or use a metal detector or remove an object found with one without a licence from English Heritage.

Visit the Historic England website to get scheduled monument consent.