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Landscape character

Landscape character is the elements that make an area distinct and different from other areas, for example, geology, heritage.

National Character Areas

England has been divided into 159 areas with similar landscape character, which are called National Character Areas (NCAs). Cotswold District falls primarily within NCAs 107 and 108, with a small area in the north of the District falling within NCA 106.

Landscape character assessment

A Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) classifies, maps and describes the distinctive character of individual landscapes. The LCA describes what is already in the landscape but does not say what should be there. It can help to understand differences between landscapes and act as a framework for decision making that respects local distinctiveness.

Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Cotswolds have been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

More information on the Cotswolds AONB, including landscape character assessments and guidelines can be found on the website for the Cotswolds conservation Board.

Landscape character assessments outside the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Gloucestershire Landscape Character Assessments (PDF) done for Gloucestershire Council.

Study of Land Surrounding Key Settlements in Cotswold District (White Consultants 2000 and updated in 2014). This was prepared to aid in the development of the Local Plan.

Local Countryside Designation Review: Special Landscape Areas (White Consultants 2001). Prepared for Cotswold District Council in 2001 to review the Special Landscape Areas. It should be noted that not all the recommendations within the report were accepted by the Council and the final approved boundaries are as shown on the Special Landscape Areas page.


Cotswold Water Park integrated landscape character assessment

This Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) for Cotswold Water Park was commissioned by Wiltshire Council and produced by LDA Design in 2009. The documents and diagrams from the report are available to download.



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