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Your recycling service will be changing in March 2020. Find out what is changing and what you need to do now.

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Get ready for your new recycling service

From March 2020 we are improving recycling and waste collections.

You will receive an information pack through the post in February 2020.

The information pack will have:

  • details of the new service and how it will work
  • your new collection day
  • calendar of ongoing dates

We will deliver a new food caddy and blue bag for cardboard to you. If you have not received your new containers by 4 March contact us.

What is changing

Collection days for some residents might change, the details and new collection days will be in your information pack. Until March 2020 the postcode checker will have your current recycling dates in.

The changes mean that you:

  • will get a new blue bag for cardboard to give you more capacity
  • can recycle extra items including textiles and shoes, batteries, cartons and small electrical items
  • need to keep food waste separate and put it in your new outdoor food waste bin which is collected weekly

Refuse and recycling will still be collected fortnightly. Garden waste will switch from weekly to fortnightly.

What you need to do

You need to make sure that you have the right number of recycling containers. You will need two recycling boxes, one for paper and the other for glass.

Contact us

If you do not have the right containers on 6 March contact us by:

WATCH this video to learn about the changes we are making to your recycling service: