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Single person discount review

We are conducting a review of Council Tax accounts where a single person discount has been claimed.

This is to ensure that residents are receiving the correct amount of discount and that our records are accurate.

Why have I received a letter?

If you have received a review letter, it means you are currently claiming a single person discount as the only adult resident at your address. We have a duty to review this to ensure that your circumstances haven’t changed and that you still qualify for this discount.

What you need to do

Complete the online review form

You will need your Council Tax account number from the review letter or from your bill to do this.

If there is more than one adult living at your property, then provide details of who they are and when they moved in/turned 18.

If you are a sponsor for the Homes for Ukraine scheme

If you are normally the only adult in your home, but you're acting as a sponsor to a Ukrainian person or family within your home, you are still entitled to the single person discount and do not need to declare this. You still need to complete the review.

The government changed the legislation so that people opening their homes to this vulnerable group are not penalised by having any Council Tax discounts removed.

If you don’t complete the review

We will send you one reminder letter asking you to complete the review.

If you do not complete a review, we will assume that your circumstances have changed and will remove your discount and issue a new bill.

If you have already informed us about a change

Still complete the review and include all details of the changes.