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Community Right to Bid

The Community Right to Bid is legal power brought in by the Localism Act in 2011. It gives communities the opportunity to pause the sale of buildings or land they care about, for example a local pub, shop, library or football ground. 

For more information about the Community Right to bid process visit the My Community Rights website.

The stages of the Community Right to Bid


The first step is for a community group to nominate land and buildings to be part of a register of assets of community value. This is done by completing the 'Assets of community value nomination form'.  Properties can be nominated at any time.


The decision is made by us. We will consider whether the proposed asset meets the conditions required by law for listing. Should we decide to list a property, the land owner has the right to appeal. Listed properties are published on an ‘Assets of community value register’. 

List of assets of community value

The list of assets of community value details the successful and unsuccessful community asset nominations. For each asset, the list sets out a range of information that is defined in the Assets of Community Value Regulations.

Property Parish Date of
decision to list
Date listing
will expire
(5 years)
Latest date
for review
Notification of
intention to
Spring Garden Allotments, south
of Back Walls, Stow-on-the-Wold,
Stow-on-the-Wold 14/12/2016 13/12/2021 09/02/2017 No
Royal British Legion, Well Lane,
Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos
Stow-on-the-Wold 04/09/2017 04/09/2022 03/11/2017 No
The Bakers Arms, Somerford
Keynes, Cirencester, Glos.
04/01/2019 03/01/2024 01/03/2019 No
Cotswold Waterpark Lakes 101 &
101a, Scouts Headquarters and
Fairford 31/01/2020 30/01/2025 27/03/2020 No
Kemble Community Gardens,
Windmill Road, Kemble,
and Ewen
10/02/2020 09/02/2025 13/04/2020 No
The Halfway House
Nr Guiting Power
GL54 5UG
20/07/2020 19/07/2025 15/09/2020 No
The Greyhound Public House,
3 Hampton Street, Tetbury,
Tetbury 20/07/2020 19/07/2025 15/09/2020 No
The Swan, Southrop, Lechlade
Southrop 22/04/2022 22/04/2027 07/07/2022 No
The Allotments at The Bratches, Chipping Campden GL55 6JS

Chipping Campden

02/03/2022 02/03/2022    

List of unsuccessful nominations

Property Parish Date of decision  Reasons for land not being listed Date for
property to be
removed from
the List
(5 years)
Oddfellows Arms, 12-14 Chester Street,
Entries removed 18/07/2016 The nomination failed to meet the criteria laid down in the
Localism Act
British Legion Club, Station Road, Moreton-InMarsh Moreton West 18/07/2016 The nomination failed to meet the criteria laid down in the
Localism Act
The Red Lion, Ampney St Peter, Cirencester,
Ampney St. Peter 06/04/2017 The Asset of Community Value listing of the building has
been subject to an Internal Review. The Internal Review
found that the requirement contained in the Localism Act
2011 Section 88(2)(b) is not satisfied. Upon review of the
further evidence supplied by the appellant it is deemed
that it is not “realistic” to think that there is a time in the
next five years when there could be non-ancillary use of
The Red Lion that would further (whether or not in the
same way as before) the social wellbeing or social
interests of the local community.
British Legion Club, Station Road, Moreton-InMarsh Moreton West 02/11/2017 The nomination failed to meet the criteria laid down in the
Localism Act

When a property is put on the market

The owner of a building or land that is listed as an asset of community value must let us know when they intend to sell the property (unless an exemption applies). We will update the website list with the intended sale, inform the nominating organisation and publicise the sale in the local community. Any eligible community interest group that is interested in making a bid must write to us within six weeks of our receipt of the owner’s notification of their planned sale.

This triggers a six month period (including the initial six weeks) during which the owner is unable to sell to any buyer other than a community interest group. This is called a moratorium.

Once this six month period ends, the owner is free to sell the land or building to whoever they wish, at the price they wish. They will also have a protected period of 18 months when they cannot be subjected to another moratorium.

Exceptions and limits to the right to bid

Certain categories of land are exempt from this right. For example, residential dwellings and operational land owned by organisations like utilities. In other circumstances, there are certain disposals of land which are exempt from the act, such as a gift to family members, disposal of part of a business sold as a going concern.

Listing land or buildings does not automatically prevent other changes, for example a change of use. An entry in the Assets of Community Value can be a material consideration for a planning decision, but does not automatically prevent a successful planning application.