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Budget consultation 2022/23

The consultation feedback has now ended. The consultation was held between Tuesday 5 October and midnight on Friday 19 November.

All findings will be shared with councillors before they make decisions on the budget at a meeting of the Council in February 2022.

Cotswold District Council receives only 7 pence in every £1 of your Council Tax to provide the services it is responsible for, including:

  • waste collection and recycling
  • street cleaning
  • Parking and public toilets
  • planning and building control
  • promoting economic growth and regeneration
  • leisure services
  • environmental health and licensing services
  • housing and council tax support
  • election administration
  • social housing and support for homeless people

Alongside funding these essential services to the high standards you expect, we plan to invest in the Council’s priorities as follows:

£750,000 towards addressing climate change

This funding will kick-start the action plan to make the Cotswold District “green to the core”. Actions include: 

  1. encouraging residents to switch to electric vehicles by delivering charging points across the District;
  2. reviewing our use of offices and buildings as large numbers of staff continue working from home;
  3. identifying opportunities to use our assets to support our climate strategy;

£740,000 towards reviewing the local plan. The updated plan needs to be the right fit for our communities and protects the District’s landscapes and heritage.  

£400,000 for investment in feasibility studies and other work to support the provision of social housing built to carbon zero.  

£200,000 to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the District through the Clean and Green Cotswolds Programme.  

£100,000 to plan and develop better, greener transport options in the District, including cycle and walking routes and innovative bus options.

£35,000 each year to continue to fight against fly-tipping.

£25,000 towards a review of open space on new developments, working with builders and residents on new public open space.

£23,000 towards helping individuals with complex needs, who are facing homelessness to access secure accommodation and support.

£350,000 to fund the Recovery Investment Strategy which aims to make the Council’s money go further and maximise support for the District in its recovery from Covid-19.  Investments include: 

  1. specialist skills and expert advice on how we can invest in the economic recovery of the district;
  2. giving our workforce access to training to build skills and knowledge fit for the new working environment created by Covid-19;
  3. enabling the production of new truly green energy supplies in the District; and
  4. delivering additional social housing built to carbon zero.

£30,000 to engage with communities and encourage change in line with the Council’s climate change emergency declaration.

£30,000 to develop the Council’s Leisure Strategy

How we propose to pay for our plans

To continue to deliver our services and build financial resilience, the Council needs to increase its income. We plan to do this in three ways:

Investing in Council services

We plan to invest money in measures to combat climate change, developing our property assets to support economic growth and to provide housing which is truly affordable. These investments will help us deliver our priorities and will also provide income for the Council. Those who responded to last year’s budget consultation endorsed this approach.

Changes to car parking

We have reviewed charges and charging periods in our car parks in light of our overall charging policy and identified the income we could generate where we are currently providing free parking. 

Our 2022/23 proposed budget includes changes to increase revenue by £300,000 from our car parks to help us balance our budget. We currently provide a ‘Free After Three’ scheme running in six car parks across the district (estimated foregone revenue £350,000). Parking is free on Sundays at all our car parks except ones in Bourton-on-the-Water and Stow-on-the-Wold (£150,000) and during evenings and overnight in all our car parks (£100,000). 

Increasing Council Tax by 10p a week

The element of your Council Tax that helps to fund the District Council is low compared to other District Councils. For every £100 residents pay in Council Tax, we receive just £7.30.

In order to deliver against our priorities and invest in services, the Council needs to generate more revenue. We are therefore proposing a modest 10p a week increase in Council Tax for Band D properties (7p a week for Band A, rising to 20p a week for Band G properties). 

For residents on low incomes, there is a generous Local Council Tax Support Scheme available to provide financial support with Council Tax payments.  

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