As part of our commitment to delivering the best services possible, we regularly consult with the community on a wide range of proposals and plans. We do this in a number of different ways, including the use of paper questionnaires, electronic consultation and public meetings.

Northleach with Eastington Neighbourhood Development Plan

Northleach with Eastington Town Council has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish of Northleach with Eastington. The Plan sets out a vision for the future and planning policies which will be used to determine planning applications locally.  This plan has been submitted to Cotswold District Council, and is subject to a six week consultation, prior to being considered by an independent examiner.  The examiner will consider the plan and its supporting evidence, and review the representations made.  Should the examiner find that the plan meets with the Basic Conditions, it will proceed to referendum.  Should more than 50% of votes cast support the plan, it will be made.

You can view the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents  

All comments must be received by 17:00 on 17 October 2018.

Council Tax support consultation

Each year the Council has to decide whether to make changes to the administration of its Council Tax support scheme for working age people on a low income in the Cotswolds.  This year we are consulting on possible changes to the scheme from 1 April 2019 which would completely exempt our poorest residents from Council Tax payments. In other words, the maximum amount of Council Tax discount will now be100%.

Changes being proposed include:

  • Introducing a banded scheme which would see a simple flat rate percentage discount awarded, depending on a person’s total weekly ‘net’ income
  • For the purposes of calculating weekly income, the Council would ignore all child maintenance payments

Changes proposed will have no impact for those in vulnerable groups or those in receipt of a state pension.

The deadline for comments is midnight on Friday 9 November. 

Comment here now. 


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