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Historic parks and gardens

There are many historic parks and gardens in the district, for example Westonbirt and Sezincote. They contribute to the setting of historic buildings, and can be valued as ‘works of art’ in their own right. They may have been designed by a well known designer or evolved over time. Alternatively, they may be important for their horticultural interest or association with a notable person or event.

Historic England Register of Parks and Gardens

The most important historic parks and gardens are included on Historic England’s Register of Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England. They are divided into three grades, Grade II, II* or I.

You can search the Historic England Register of Parks and gardens, to see if a park or garden is listed. The Gloucestershire Gardens and Landscape Trust website has more information on historic gardens and parks in the area.

Historic parks and gardens and planning

The Government's National Planning Policy Framework includes registered parks and gardens as Heritage Assets, and considers them to be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. Registered parks and gardens are also covered by local plan policy.


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