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Fit to rent - tenants information

The Fit to Rent scheme gives approval to landlords and lettings in Gloucestershire that meet a management code of practice and property standard:

  • The landlord will manage your tenancy properly and fairly.
  • The accommodation will be clean and in good repair at the start of the tenancy and maintained thereafter.
  • All tenancies will be subject to a written tenancy agreement and an agreed inventory.
  • The landlord will give you full contact details including a phone number to report defects.
  • The landlord will respond within a reasonable time to resolve defects.
  • Your deposit will be registered with an approved scheme and you will be notified of this.
  • The landlord will give at least 24 hours notice prior to inspecting unless there is an emergency.
  • The landlord will not resort to any unlawful means to regain possession.
  • Gas and electrical appliances and any fire alarms or smoke detectors will be checked and maintained in accordance with the law and good practice.  
  • Most new lettings will have an Energy Performance Certificate.

If these standards are not met and your home or landlord is on our approved lists then please let us know. Contact your local council in the area where you live.

Tenant responsibilities

In return landlords will expect tenants to:  

  • Respect and care for the premises.
  • Avoid accumulations of rubbish in common parts or the garden.
  • Not cause a nuisance to neighbours or other residents.
  • Permit access to them at all reasonable times.
  • Comply with the written terms of the tenancy.

Failure to abide by these terms may result in a landlord taking action to end a tenancy and a deposit could be retained if there are reasonable grounds. In doing so landlords must follow strict legal guidance and comply with the law.