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Pest control

Pest control for both household and commercial properties

Survey visits are available Monday to Friday and our treatments are carried out as humanely as possible, using approved products.

We provide competitive rates. 

To book a pest control appointment, please call 01285 623000.


Survey and treatment fees must be paid for in advance. If no treatment is necessary we will refund the treatment cost. Please note this excludes wasps. We will not offer a survey to decide if it is bees or wasps and we cannot refund you if we turn up to treat wasps and it turns out to be bees. We cannot treat bees. 

Household fees (including vat)

Pest Charge
Survey charge for all pests, when no treatment is necessary (excluding bees) £28
Rats and mice in domestic premises, includes initial survey/treatment and a further 2 visits if needed £54
Squirrels (must be inside the house to be considered a pest) £54
Fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches and moths in properties up to three bedrooms £62
Fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches and moths in properties with four to six bedrooms £85
Fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches and moths in properties with seven bedrooms and above £108
Cluster flies, ants, mites in properties with up to four bedrooms £62
Cluster flies, ants, mites in properties with more than four bedrooms £90
Wasps or hornets nest £56
Additional wasps or hornets nest - same site same day £28
Request for invoicing - administration charge £18

Commercial premises fees

All commercial bookings require an initial deposit of £100.02 a technician will then visit the premises and quote for the work. If the quote is not accepted this is refundable, minus the call out fee of £28. Please contact our Customer Services team who will take the payment and arrange for a technician to attend the site and provide a competitive quote.

This refers to all pests excluding wasps. Wasps are treated at a set fee of £100.02


Bees are not classified as pests, as they are important in the pollination of fruit and flowers. They should not be destroyed, unless they are in a location that is causing a danger to humans or pets. 

Please be aware that treatments booked for wasps, when the problem is actually bees, will be fully charged.

The Council, and its pest control contractor, do not deal with the removal or eradication of bees.

Please find below a list of beekeepers who will advise you and collect a swarm. 

Beekeeper Contact details Area covered Charge
Corinne Hilditch 07745 225401 Cirencester (5 miles surrounding) No charge (donation to Cirencester and District Beekeepers Club appreciated).
Christopher Wells 07799 897425 
Cotswold north of Cheltenham Call out fee charged
David Hart 01386 840869(home)
01386 841100 (work)
North Cotswolds No charge. Deals with swarms of honey bees in easily accessible areas.
David Strong 01666 890236 Tetbury area No charge
Graham Bennett 07783 493098 Cirencester and south east of district Check when phoning
Graham Saunders 01666 577546
07720 558219
South of A40 £10 call out
Jo Stevenson 07766 252650
Within 10 miles of Stroud No charge
Martin Dzendrowski 01242 263185
07770 804744
Whole district £45 - £65 depends on distance
Mr D Witchell 07976 515668 10 miles from Cirencester No charge but donation to Cirencester and District Beekeepers Club appreciated
Nicole Arkell 01242 820581                07891236339 Between Cheltenham and Stow-on-the-Wold No charge if reasonable distance. 
John Stevens 01285 642516
07971 929259
15 miles from Cirencester No charge but donation to Cirencester and District Beekeepers Club


Please view the following fact sheets: