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Contaminated land

Where land is severely polluted and affecting a statutory receptor, we are the primary regulator and need to assess that land to establish whether further action is needed. We provide the following services:  

  • carry out inspections of sites;
  • determine the extent of contamination;
  • designate whether the site is deemed a 'special site' (the Environment Agency are responsible for enforcing this); and
  • act as the Enforcing Authority for contaminated land not designated as a special site. 

Public register of contaminated land

We hold a register of sites that have been formally determined as contaminated land. To arrange to view the register, email or call our Customer Services team on 01285 623000.

Treatment of contaminated land  

When land has been confirmed as contaminated the enforcing authority must: 

  • confirm who should be responsible for treatment or remediation;
  • decide after consultation what treatment work should be done and check that this is carried out;
  • decide who is to pay for the treatment and
  • maintain a public register of all regulatory action in relation to contaminated land. 

Land is only considered contaminated if it affects:

  • Human beings
  • Certain ecosystems
  • Certain property, or 
  • Controlled water

Environmental searches

When buying or selling a property, solicitors may ask whether the land is contaminated and these environmental searches may raise questions about the former use of the site and potentially contaminated land.

The Council may hold more specific information about a property. There may be a charge for providing a written response. For details of current fees, please ring 01285 623000.