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Report graffiti or fly-posting

Removing graffiti (including drawings, scribbles, messages or tags) that are painted, written or carved on walls and other surfaces is the responsibility of a variety of different agencies and property owners.

Council owned properties

Cotswold District Council is responsible for removing graffiti from council owned properties including offices, car parks, leisure centres, public toilets, rubbish bins, fences and street name plates.

To report graffiti on property owned by the council:

Report graffiti

Street furniture

The companies that own street furniture such as post boxes and telecommunications cabinets are responsible for removing the graffiti. Contact the company responsible to ask them to remove it. Remember to give the exact location and box number if shown:

Highways, bridges, signs, bus shelters, street lights, speed cameras or traffic bollards 

To report graffiti on highway signs, speed camera and traffic bollards (not street name plates) contact Gloucestershire County Council.

Your local town or parish council may be responsible for bus shelters in your area. In this case you will need to contact the clerk to report any incidents of graffiti.

Private housing or business premises

The owner of the property is responsible for its removal. If you live in a housing association property contact your local housing officer.

How to prevent graffiti

  • Don't paint outside walls white    
  • Apply pebble dash type surfaces to walls rather than smooth, rendered concrete
  • Grow plants and shrubs against walls to restrict access to surfaces
  • Prevent access to roofs by coating drainpipes with non-drying paint available from DIY stores
  • Secure fencing around the property to limit access
  • Install security cameras
  • Coat walls with a suitable graffiti resistant coating

If you witness somebody damaging property with graffiti, call 101 immediately to report it.


Fly-posting is the illegal and unauthorised placing of any sign, poster or sticker advertising or promoting an event or commercial activity. The owner of the surface that is defaced by the advert is responsible for removing fly-posting. We will remove fly-posting from council owned property.

Report fly-posting