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Dogs lost and found

Lost and found dogs

To report a lost dog, complete the online form below or contact us. We will then contact you if your dog is found. You will have to pay a charges before we return the dog to you, contact us to arrange payment. The kennels will not let you have the dog unless you have the release form which we issue to you after you have paid.

If you find a stray dog check the local area where you have found the dog, the owner may be looking for it. If you cannot find the owner, report the stray to us. We will arrange collection of the dog and stray dogs are held for seven days.

If a dog is microchipped with up-to-date contact details we will get in touch with the owner to confirm we have their dog. The quicker we can contact the owner, the lower the kennelling charges incurred.

Report a lost or stray dog

Kennelling charges for stray dogs

Charges to release an impounded dog are as follows:

Details Amount
Statutory charge £25.00
Kennelling (per day, per dog) At cost
Administration fee £87.00
Veterinary fees At cost

The cost of the vet's fees will be passed on in full to the dog owner.

Stolen dogs

The Police do not deal with lost or stray dogs. If you think your dog has been stolen you can contact them on 101.

Dangerous dogs

Dangerous dog incidents are a Police matter. To report an incident contact Gloucestershire Police on the 101 non-emergency number.


It is a legal requirement that your dog must be microchipped.

Microchipping helps us reunite you with your pet quickly. It is inexpensive, and some dog charities even offer it for free. Search online or contact your vet to find out more. 

How to stop a dog straying

  • Make sure your garden is secure, with no escape routes
  • Don’t leave the front door open
  • Train your dog to come back when called, especially off the lead
  • Make sure the dog wears a collar and tag with your name and address which is a legal requirement