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Coronavirus - Community support

The Government website is the best source of Coronavirus information and what you can and cannot do. For local health information the Gloucestershire NHS website has advice about healthcare and appointments.


For information about testing in Gloucestershire including what different types of tests are on offer and how to access them, please visit the Gloucestershire County Council - Covid testing pages.

Community support and what you can do

Good hygiene is the best preventative measure. Make sure you, your friends, family and colleagues wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

There are a number of Community Mutual Aid Groups being set up across the country. You can volunteer to set one up if there is not already one in your area.

The Department for Work and Pensions are regularly updating their website with information on how to claim benefits for people who have been affected by Coronavirus.

The Neighbourhood Watch have set up a Community Action Response to Coronavirus.

Accessing food and essential supplies

Find information on how to get food and other essential supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

DEFRA has produced a list of food options for vulnerable people to help you get food when you need it.

Support for families

Gloucestershire Families have extended their service to give support and advice to parents.

To get support call free on 0800 542 0202 or email [email protected].

The service is available:

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm
  • Saturday 10am to 6pm

You can also message them on Facebook by searching for Family Information Service.

If you have a young baby Icon have advice to help you cope with crying babies during a stressful time


For more information on scams related to Coronavirus visit the Friends against Scams website. They have more information on different types and how to protect yourself.

Health and wellbeing

Gloucestershire County Council have created a resource to help with looking after your mental health and advice on how to help and support others

One way you can help improve your mental health if you are self-isolating is by staying active. These organisations have produced tips and guides for people to stay active: