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Dangerous wild animals


  • £387 for a new application
  • £341 to renew your application

You’ll also have to pay for any veterinary fees required.

How to apply

The guidance includes more information on the eligibility criteria, fees and the documentation you’ll need.

Complete the application form and return it to us at [email protected]

Or by post:

Licensing team
Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road

The licence is valid for 2 years.

What happens next

Before deciding an application we must consider a report from a veterinary surgeon or practitioner detailing whether the premises are suitable.

The following are matters which the Local Authority must be satisfied prior to the granting of a Licence:-

  • the granting of the application should not be contrary to the public interest in any way;
  • the applicant must be a suitable person to hold a licence;
  • the animal(s) is/are owned or possessed by the applicant;
  • that the conditions in which the animal is proposed to be kept will safeguard its welfare in respect of its accommodation, the supply of adequate and suitable food, drink and bedding, protection in the event of an emergency, the prevention and control of infectious diseases and its ability to take adequate exercise.
  • Conditions can be attached to a licence to ensure that the above are complied with.

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