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General waste: Grey wheelie bin

We collect non-recyclable household rubbish every two weeks. Make sure your bin is out by 7am on collection day with the lid closed.

You can recycle card, paper, glass, tins and plastics.

We will not collect your general waste bin if it has any of the following in:

  • stones, gravel, rubble
  • garden waste, soil
  • sharp objects
  • hot ashes, please let them cool before putting in the bin
  • DIY home improvement waste
  • carpet and underlay

We will not collect trade or building waste.

How to get rid of extra rubbish

If you have lots of extra rubbish you can put this next to your bin in a beige sack. The beige sacks are available to buy from council offices and cost 84 pence each.

Families of more than five people or with children still in nappies may be able to get an extra bin or beige sacks.

Waste and recycling policy

Our policy has information on how we manage the waste and recycling service.