Waste Collection Calendars

Your calendar is specific to your postcode. To find your house's bin and recycling collection dates:

  • Type your house number and street or postcode in the My Cotswold box and click Go
  • Find your address in the list and click the Select your address button
  • Your house's bin and recycling collection dates are displayed in the box
  • See your calendar for changes to Christmas and New Year collections

The waste and recycling collection calendars below cover the period up to 4 November 2019.  At that time, we will be launching an improved service which will include kerbside collection of more materials (textiles, batteries, small electrical items, foil and Tetrapak cartons). Your collection day may change after the new service is launched in November and we will produce new calendars to reflect any alterations to schedules.  

Prior to the start of the improved service on 4 November 2019, each household will receive updated recycling guides and collection calendars, providing details about new collection days.

You will also be provided with  larger and more robust pest-proof household food caddies and larger cardboard recycling sacks to help separate your recycling when presented for collection.

Please  note that, with effect from 4 November 2019, garden waste collections will change from a weekly to a fortnightly schedule (but food waste collections will still be weekly).  This change will be subject to a public consultation and subsequent review in early 2020 to fully understand the impact of this change on residents and help us decide on the frequency and cost of the service that will be offered in 2020/21. 

Please download your waste calendar from the following list:

Effective from Monday 1 April 2019



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