Tetbury's origins date back to the 7th century and probably into prehistory as a defended hilltop site. Today the small market place is still its focal point. 

Historic buildings

  • The Market House: in the centre of Tetbury is an immediate reminder of the history of the town. Built in 1655 and supported on three rows of bulging stone pillars, the Market House was designed as the ‘Great Tolsey’ for the sale of wool and yarn, and still is used for markets today.
  • Long Street: and other streets have a fine display of historic buildings, and the town is a busy commercial centre.
  • Weavers cottages: A walk down the old Chipping Steps and round into Gumstool Hill will reveal another part of Tetbury’s history, with 17th century weavers cottages.

Gumstool Hill and woolsack races

Gumstool Hill gets its name from the reputed site of the old ducking stool, a very visible method of punishment. This area is still used for the annual Woolsack Races, a long-standing tradition which requires 65lb woolsacks to be carried by the contestants up and down the 1-in-4 hill. 

St Mary's church

The tall spire of St Mary’s church is a landmark from the west. Inside the church is a Gothic style gem of space and light with a magnificent plaster ceiling.

Tetbury police museum

The town’s old police cells now form the Tetbury police museum. For more information please:

Map and directions

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