Tree preservation orders

The purpose of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is to protect individual trees and groups of trees for the public’s enjoyment. A TPO can apply to a single tree, a group of trees, a woodland or an area of trees. The tree or trees can be of any size, species or age.

The order makes it a criminal offence to cut down, uproot, prune, damage or destroy the tree or trees included in the TPO without the appropriate permissions.  If you wish to carry out works to any tree protected by a TPO you must submit an application to us.

Make an online TPO application

If you are unable to complete an online tree application, then you can download a paper form (application form 23) from our planning application and notification forms web-page.

There are some very limited circumstances when there is no need to obtain consent from us, including:

  • the removal of dead branches from a living tree.  (If these works are likely to cause public concern, it is advisable to contact us first so that we will be able to respond to any queries from members of the general public etc.),
  • cutting down trees in accordance with one of the Forestry Commission's grant schemes, or where the Forestry Commission has granted a felling licence,
  • the removal of, or works to, dead or imminently dangerous trees. You must, however, contact us in writing, by letter or e-mail, with details of the works at least five days before carrying them out or as soon as possible afterwards.

If you need further information about whether a tree is protected or if an application is required, please contact us.

For further information on TPOs, please visit:

Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road