Planning committee

Council Chamber

The Planning and Licensing Committee meets:

  • on the second Wednesday of each month
  • usually at 9:30am
  • in the Council Chamber, Trinity Road, Cirencester

Planning application decisions

Most decisions are made by officers who consult with ward members. For more information please:

The complex and contentious applications are decided by the Planning Committee which is made up of 15 councillors who have had relevant training.

Agendas and minutes

The agenda, minutes and reports are published at least five working days before the date of the meeting. The minutes of meetings are available as soon as possible after the meetings. To view the agenda, minutes and reports please:

  • download Planning agendas and reports
  • or view a paper copy of the agenda at our offices in Trinity Road, Cirencester, during normal office hours.

Members of the planning committee

For details of members of the Planning and Licensing committee, please:

Commenting on planning applications

Members of the public can comment on planning and other related applications. For further details please see:

Members of the committee will be made aware of the comments that have been made on applications. You may also be able to speak directly to the Planning Committee at the meeting in which the application you are interested in is discussed.

Public speaking at planning committee meetings

Public speaking is allowed on any application on the schedule of applications to be considered by the Planning Committee, however, it is not allowed on agenda reports such as potential enforcement action etc.  Each speaker is allowed a maximum of three minutes to address the committee. In cases where more than one person representing a particular group wishes to speak, the time has to be shared. If you wish to speak, you must contact us by 12 noon on the last working day before the date of the meeting - please:

For information about speaking at Planning Committee meetings, please:

If you want to know if an application is going to be determined by the Planning Committee, please:

  • view planning applications register
  • search for the  application
  • click on the  "important dates" button. If an application is to go to  Committee the date of the meeting will appear next to the "actual committee date". This is regularly updated so please check for any changes.

If you are speaking at the meeting, please:

  • email your representation to the Democratic services team 
  • or give a copy to the committee administrator at the meeting.

If you provide a copy of your representation we will upload it to our website. If you don't, there will not be any record of what has been said as we don't summarise representations in the minutes of the meeting.

Attending planning committee

Please check with us the day before the meeting to confirm if the application(s) you wish to speak on will still be considered at the meeting. Sometimes applications are withdrawn by the applicant, or deferral requested, at very short notice.

The Committee’s decisions do not always follow officer recommendations.

There will be some copies of the agenda papers available for members of the public at the meetings.

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