Core - Submitted Main Local Plan Documents 'SD'

Main Local Plan Submission Documents 'SD'

SD001 Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) 2014, CDC

SD002 Council Report: Submission Draft Cotswold District Local Plan Reg.19 April 2016 + minutes May 2016, CDC

SD003 Local Plan 2011-2031 Submission Draft Reg.19 (and submission Policies Map) June 2016, CDC

SD004 Focussed Changes Addendum Local Plan 2011-2031 Reg.19, including amendments to Policy Maps Dec 2016, CDC 

SD005 Sustainability Appraisal (SA) incl. Focussed Changes Jan 2017, AECOM  

SD005a Non-Technical Summary of SA including FC Jan 2017, AECOM

SD006 Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) incl. Focussed Changes Apr 2017, LUC 

SD007 Link to online consultation portal - Local Plan 2011-2031: Submission Draft Reg.19 Tracked Changes with Focussed Changes and Minor Mods Jul 2017, CDC & Cirencester maps incorporating the focussed changes into the submission draft policies map: 

SD008 Minor Modifications Addendum to Submission Draft Reg.19 Jun 2017, CDC 

SD009 Local Plan Statement of Consultation Jun 2017, CDC

SD010 Latest Local Development Scheme (LDS) Jun 2017, CDC 

SD011 Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) Jul 2017, CDC 

SD012 Duty to Cooperate Statement of Compliance Jul 2017, CDC 

SD013 Council Report: Addendum to Submission Draft Cotswold District Local Plan Reg.19 June 2016 + minutes (to follow) Jun 2017, CDC 

SD014 Submission Draft Reg.19 & Focussed Changes representations made in accordance with regulation 22(1)(d):

SD015 Legal compliance of the plan Jul 2017, CDC

SD016 Equalities Impact Assessment Jun 2017, CDC

SD017 Indicative list of oral hearing requests Jul 2017, CDC

SD018 Submission letter to Planning Inspectorate Jul 2017, CDC

SD019 Statement of Fact (Submission of Local Plan to Pins) Jul 2017, CDC 

SD020 Joint Press Notice of Submission for Local Plan and CIL Jul, CDC

SD021 Note on Not Duly Made Representations Jul 2017, CDC



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