Session 16: Wed 22 Nov 2017 at 09:30 - Matters 2 & 4 - Further Issues

Matter 2 (Development Strategy) & Matter 4 (Housing Supply) - Further Issues

Further to the discussion at the hearing sessions for Matter 2 (Development Strategy) and Matter 4 (Housing Supply) and the subsequent action points [ED027], the Inspector has decided to hold a further hearing session on Wednesday 22 November 2017.  This will focus on the Council’s responses to the action points identified by the Inspector relating to those two matters and in particular the main modifications suggested by the Council.  The Inspector’s specific questions for this session will be published on Friday 10 November, and written statements must be submitted to the Programme Officer by midday on Friday 17 November.

Statements Submission Deadline for Matters 2 & 4 - Further Issues: midday 17 NOVEMBER 2017

OBSERVERS ATTENDANCE - Capacity to accommodate observers at the venue is limited and therefore please advise the Programme Officer in advance if you wish to attend any particular hearing session.

Participants and Further Statements submitted for Matters 2 & 4 Further Issues: 

ID Representor (Agent) Further Statement  Attended Y/N
CDC Cotswold District Council  
003 Barwood Development Securities (Peter Brett Associates)
004 Bathurst Developments (Savills)  
020 Cirencester Town Council N
029 CPRE  HS16-029-M2 & HS16-029-M4
171  Elwes, H -
036 Fairford Town Council HS16-036-M2 & HS16-036-M4
042 Gleeson Strategic Land HS16-042
051 HBF
203/A Huston, S
058 Knight Farming (Carter Jonas) HS16-058
062 Linden Homes (Lichfields) HS16-062
251 Moylan, P -
071 Newland Homes (Hunter Page Planning) HS16-071 
256 Nicholas, J
074  O&H Properties (Savills)  HS16-074
084 Richborough Estates (Star Planning) HS16-084
085 Robert Hitchins Ltd (Pegasus Planning Group)  HS16-085
088 Save Our Cirencester -
091 Spitfire Bespoke Homes (Colliers International)  HS16-091
114 Arnold, C HS16-114 N/A 
041  Gladman Developments  HS16-041 N/A 
048  Hallam Land Management (David Lock Associates)   HS16-048 N/A 
082 Redrow Homes (Boyer Planning) HS16-082 N/A 
285 Rycroft, C HS16-285 N/A 
094 Stow on the Wold Town Council HS16-094 & HNS Report N/A 
329 Williams, E HS16-329 N/A 

Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road