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Cirencester Futures Conference – 29 January 2019

Mary Portas and Bill Grimsey are salient amongst those calling for a new concept for the high street. The issue is acknowledged by central government and major media such as the BBC. The main message is that to ensure longevity and future high street health there needs to be less reliance on traditional retailing and a more mixed-use approach that encompasses residential, leisure, services and business, alongside a more internet-savvy retail sector.

The recently-adopted Cotswold District Local Plan sets out a strategy for the town centre and commits the council to preparation of a masterplan in the form of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The district council has partnered with Cirencester Town Council to incorporate the SPD into a Neighbourhood Development Plan that the Town Council will shortly begin preparing.

It is critically important that these plans are based on solid evidence-based understanding of the issues facing the town centre – including “macro” issues relating to the impact of the internet on retailing.  The purpose of the conference therefore is for key stakeholders, planners, politicians and others to obtain a firm grasp of the issues that may affect Cirencester town centre in future and to achieve a degree of consensus as to how these issues may be tackled through the masterplan SPD and the Neighbourhood Plan.  We may only end up with a set of questions – but so long as they are the right questions, we will be on the right track.

Event Documents

1.a Conference Briefing Note

1.b Conference FAQs

1.c Conference Agenda

Background Documents and information

2.a Thought Starters

2.b Grimsey Review

2.c BBC High Street Article 03 12 2018 (audiofile)

2.d High Street UK 2020 - Executive Summary

2.e High Street UK 2020 - Identifying factors

2.f The Future High Street

2.g The High Street Report

2.h Key Facts - Cirencester Town Health Check

2.i Cirencester Town Centre Health Check (online)

2.j Cirencester Town Centre Health Check (pdf)

2.k Cirencester Town Centre Health Check podcast

Post-conference Documents

3.a Conference Illustration

3.b Next steps/Timeline

3.c Breakout Group Ideas

Cirencester Master Plan

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

More information on CIL can be found on the Community Infrastructure Levy page.

Neighbourhood Development Plans

Neighbourhood plans are community-led and the role of the local planning authority in neighbourhood planning is to provide advice or assistance to the Parish Council (or qualifying body) that is producing the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Forward Planning Team forms part of the Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Team, and provides the following on Neighbourhood Plans being developed within the District:

  • advice and comments on draft policies and proposals,
  • information from within the local plan evidence base, and
  • assessment or ‘screening’ as to whether a sustainable environmental assessment (SEA) is required.

For further information on Neighbourhood Planning please

Green Infrastructure

In October 2017 The Council received  the candidate status for the Building with Nature award for its Green Infrastructure (GI) , Open Space and Play Strategy.

We are currently updating the strategy, in particular the GI elements of it, in order to obtain the gold award. 

The Strategy guides the design and delivery of green infrastructure in the Cotswold District and in particular the 17 main settlements.

The key green infrastructure themes of this document are linked to what they contribute and how they can contribute to (in no particular order) Wildlife, Water Resources and Wellbeing.

Updating our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Updating our Local Development Scheme (LDS)

Local Plan Review

The National Planning Policy Framework requires the Council to update its Local Plan every five years.

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