Conservation area maps and appraisals

Cotswold District has 144 conservation areas - the highest number of conservation areas of any district local authority in England.

Please select a town from the list below to view its conservation area map and statement. Conservation area statements or appraisals are only available for a limited number of conservation areas.

Conservation area maps and statement

Locally prepared conservation area appraisals and reviews 

A number of parishes and towns have prepared their own conservation area appraisals, management proposals and boundary reviews. These locally prepared documents and any suggestions for boundary changes have not been formally reviewed or approved by Cotswold District Council. However they provide useful background information for local residents, property owners and developers. The following conservation area is covered by these local documents.

Living in a conservation area

If you live in a conservation area extra planning controls may apply. You:

For more information on conservation areas, please visit:

Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road