Cotswold Design Code

The Cotswold design code:

  • covers all aspects of design within a Cotswold context, including architectural, urban, landscape, ecological and sustainable design
  • is relevant to a wide range of developments, from householder extensions and alterations, to conversions, major residential schemes and large-scale commercial proposals.
  • It is a material consideration in planning decisions and, set within the context of the Local Plan, carries considerable weight.

Cotswold design code for 2018

The new 2018 Cotswold Design Code forms part of the emerging local plan, which is in its final stages before adoption. For more information please see:

National planning policy and guidance 

The Code encourages high quality and inclusive design that establishes a strong sense of place and responds to local character. It should be used in conjunction with national policy and guidance, including:

These emphasise the importance of good design as a key aspect of sustainable development.

Until the new local plan is formally adopted the original Cotswold Design Code (2000) is still relevant as it forms supplementary planning guidance (SPG) to the Cotswold District Local Plan (2001 – 2011) (policy 42).

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