Cotswold Design Code

The Cotswold Design Code was produced in 2000 and forms supplementary planning guidance (SPG) to the Cotswold District Local Plan and expands on policy 42 which states that "new development shall comply with the Cotswold Design Code in respect of the  Cotswold Style, setting, harmony, street scene, proportion, simplicity, materials and craftsmanship". This policy remains valid and the Design Code is still a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

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We have produced an updated Cotswold Design Code (2017) as part of the emerging Local Plan. The new version provides more detail than the 2000 Code and covers a wider range of issues, including green infrastructure. For more details please:

The new Code should be considered in designing new developments and alterations to existing buildings, along with the design policy and guidance provided in the following national policy and guidance:

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