Apply for building regulations approval

Building Plans

You usually need building regulations approval if you:

  • put up a new building
  • extend or alter an existing building
  • convert the loft space
  • replace your windows
  • install services or fittings in a building including the following:
    • washing and sanitary facilities
    • hot water cylinders and foul water and rainwater drainage
    • replacement windows and
    • any fuel burning appliances (for further information please see external links)
    • some electrical work.

For all of the above work you will need to apply for building regulations. See below to select the:

Applications submitted via email

We welcome applications submitted via email. Please send all your documents via email to:

Please do not use iApply, the planning portal or submit a plan for online applications.

If you need advice on whether your project needs building regulations approval:

For your personalised fee quotation please contact Building Control:

Full plans application for commercial developments and alterations

Apply for full plan building regulations

  • For homeowners - use this application when you are planning to build a new house or a large extension and an architect has drawn up plans and you will be getting quotes from several builders.
  • For commercial property- for both new and alterations to existing commercial premises use the full plans application so we can consult the fire service.

Download and fill in the:

And send it with the following:

  • All detailed plans, elevations and sections and technical notes, supporting calculations and specification,
  • A 1:1250 block plan showing the property and the proposed alterations
  • Payment - please contact Building Control for your personalised fee quotation:

Process for the full plan building regulations application

  • You send in the application and detailed drawings
  • We check that the plans meet the Building Regulations - we aim to do this within 3 weeks but it may take longer if there are issues that need to be discussed
  • If the plans are acceptable then approval is given
  • If there are minor issues then Approval with Conditions is given
  • When the work starts on site a number of inspections are carried out to check that the Building Regulations are being met. For more information please see building control inspections page.    

Building notice application for minor building works

Use a building notice when a competent builder is doing minor domestic work at your home.

The Building Notice method is just to let us know that building work is being carried out and you can begin work 48 hours after submitting the Notice.

The actual detail of the method of construction is discussed and agreed on site as the project progresses.

Apply for a building notice

Download and fill in the building notice section of:

Do I need building consent?

The Planning Portal website has an 'interactive guidance' house that is extremely useful in clarifying whether works require Building Regulations approval.  Alternatively, we have produced a document outlining applicable and exempt works.

We have downloadable Exempt Building Pro-Formas for:-

If you are unsure which is your best option, please see the following documents for more information:

Building regulations for replacement windows

If you are replacing your windows you need to apply for Building Regulations unless the installer is registered with one of the following:

  • BSI
  • BM
  • TRADA or

Download and fill in the:

Other approved bodies

If the person carrying out the work is registered with one of the following approved bodies they can do the work without applying for Building Regulations. These include the following:

Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road