Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for street naming and numbering and addressing new and existing properties. This is to make sure that any new streets or properties are addressed logically so that:

  • your post and parcels are delivered efficiently
  • emergency service vehicles can quickly find your address.

Please see below for more information on the following:

  • Name and number new developments
  • Change your address
  • Address enquiries
  • Postcodes
  • Fees and charges
  • Street nameplates

Royal Mail requires all new properties and amended addresses to be approved by the Local Authority before allocating a postcode and adding the addresses to their Postal Address File (PAF). When your property is on the address database it will appear in the 'find your address' listings online for shopping and applying for services such as gas and electricity.

Name and number new developments

Where developments take place which incorporate the building of new access roads, including private streets, the names for these roads must be approved. The selection of new street names requires careful consideration to ensure that they are suitable for the area and will not conflict with or duplicate any existing names in the same locality.

If you are responsible for a new development, property or business unit which need a new naming and/or numbering scheme, please contact us as soon as building work starts to make sure that a suitable address is given before the building is occupied:

Notify us of a new development

If you are creating a single new property which requires an address the request and payment can be made using our:

This information is then sent to Royal Mail, emergency services, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and relevant council services including council tax and elections.

Guidelines for addressing a new development are in our:

Change your address

If your residential or commercial property has a name and not a postal number you will need the Council's approval to make any changes to the name. New property names must be different to existing names in the same area. There is a charge of £75 to officially rename or add a name/number to a property.

We can’t remove or change a property’s number unless there are exceptional circumstances so please contact us to check before paying to request a house number change.

To pay for an address change, please use one of the following:

Pay for an address change

If you have a postal number for your property and wish to add a name you can unofficially do this and display the name on your property next to your postal number but property will be known just by the number in all official postal address databases.

Address enquiries

If you wish to report a problem with an address or confirm your official address please contact us:

Make an address enquiry

  • By email the addressing team
  • By telephone - please ring 01285 623000
  • By post - please write to the Address Management Officer at the address below.


Postcodes are issued by the Royal Mail. They will only issue a postcode for a new street when requested by the District Council. 

For questions about existing postcodes and postal towns please contact Royal Mail on 08456 045 060.

Fees and charges for street naming and numbering

 Please note there is no VAT on street naming fees.

Type of workCharge
Change of existing property name £75
Allocating a name to a property or allocating a number to a named property £75
Naming and numbering of a commercial building £75
Naming and numbering of a block of flats £200
Change of existing street name at residents request £300
-plus additional charge per property/unit £35
Providing a letter of certification (optional-by request only) £25
Naming and numbering of new properties including commercial buildings   
1 - 5 plots £75 each
6 - 25 plots £450
26 - 75 plots £700
76 - 150 plots £1,000
151 - 250 plots £1,250
251 - 350 plots £1,500
351 - 500 plots  £1,750
500 or more plots  £2,000
Additional charges where new street names are required  
1 - 5 new street names  £200
6 - 10 new street names £400
10 or more new street names £500

Street nameplates

New street nameplate advice service

For new developments our engineers team provide a service advising on the number of new street nameplates needed. This includes a detailed location map and one site visit. For more details please:

For recommendations on the installation of street name plates from the Department of Transport please:

Report missing or damaged street nameplates

We maintain street nameplates once a street has been adopted. Signs on private roads are the responsibility of the residents or management company. To report missing or damaged street nameplates please:

We will fit new street signs within eight weeks of the request from the Parish or Town Council.

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