Dog fouling

Report dog fouling


Dog fouling is a serious issue. It is unpleasant for other members of the public and can cause serious illness. For more details of Toxocariasis, the disease that can cause blindness, especially in children, please see the:

Complaints will be investigated, offenders will be prosecuted. 

It is helpful if you can tell us the time, date and place it happened and the name and address of the person.

Fixed penalties

Under the terms of the Dog Fouling Order, dog mess must be disposed of properly when a dog fouls in a public place.

If dog mess is not picked up and disposed of properly, the Council’s Environmental Wardens can issue a fixed penalty notice for £75 or refer the matter for prosecution in the courts where the fines could be £1000.

Our Environmental Wardens undertake regular patrols to ensure any dog mess or litter is picked up and disposed of properly. 

Bag it and bin it

  • Use a plastic bag to pick up your dogs mess – ‘poop scoop’ bags are ideal
  • Put it in a designated dog bin or double bag it or put it in a normal litter bin - or take it home, double bag it and put in with your refuse.
  • Remember to wash your hands as soon as possible.

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