Request recycling containers

 Grey Refuse Bin And Beige Sack

Your non-recyclable household waste is collected fortnightly, either in a grey wheeled bin or council issued beige refuse bags.

Households using beige bags will be given a supply of 100 (4 rolls of 25) to last for 12 months.

If you are a new resident and there is neither a bin nor any sacks at your property, please contact us. You can request recycling containers on the 'Request recycling containers' button. To register with us to vote and to sign up for Council tax please use the links shown.


  • Cotswold has a closed bin lid policy so your bin should be presented at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day with the lid firmly closed.
  • black bags will not be collected - any excess that won't fit in to the bin must be contained in beige sacks and placed at the side - see below for more details
  • ensure your bins are visible from the roadside and are placed in a safe place.
  • retrieve your bin from the kerbside by 9 am the next day after your collection.

To find your house's bin and recycling collection dates:

  • Type your house number and street or postcode in the My Cotswold box and click Go
  • Find your address in the list and click the Select your address button
  • Your house's bin and recycling collection dates are displayed in the box

Extra waste disposal

Any non-recyclable rubbish put out in black bin bags alongside or on top of your grey wheeled bin or beige bag will not be collected, except during the two-week Christmas holiday period when we will collect additional ‘side waste’ during your first full collection after Christmas. 

Excess waste can be taken to your nearest Household recycling centre

Alternatively, you can purchase additional beige sacks at 84p each from the Council offices in Trinity Road, Cirencester, or the Moreton Area Centre. These are useful on occasions when you generate extra waste - for example parties and house moves.

Additional bin or sacks

Families of five or more permanent residents and/or households with coal ash or clinical waste can request an additional bin or sacks, subject to an application form being completed and assessed by Council officers.  Please contact us to apply for this option.

Families with two adults and two or more children under 4 years old in nappies can apply for a one-off allocation of 100 beige sacks that would last for 2 years. Please contact us to apply for this option.

Assisted collection

If you are unable to move your grey wheelie bin or beige bag(s) to the front of your property you can arrange an assisted collection

Missed collection

If your non-recyclable waste is not collected, contact us. Please wait until after 4pm as the crews may still be on their way to your property.

Report a missed collection

What can be put in your grey wheeled bin or beige bag

Yes please

  • Any non-recyclable landfill waste.

No thanks

  • Stones, gravel, rubble.
  • Garden waste, soil.
  • Sharp objects.
  • Paper, glass bottles/jars or tins/cans - these are all recyclable and should be placed in your kerbside box for fortnightly collection.
  • Card and cardboard - this is also recyclable and should be placed in your blue sacks for fortnightly collection.
  • Mixed rigid plastics - these are recyclable and should be placed in your white sack for fortnightly collection.
  • Hot ashes - please allow ashes to cool before placing in your wheeled bin or refuse sacks.
  • DIY home improvement waste.
  • Carpet and underlay

Waste containers in windy weather

In windy weather household waste and recycling containers and their contents can easily get blown around, and this has led to some littering issues across the district.

With high winds it may help to put containers in a sheltered spot at kerbside, please make sure they can still be easily seen by collectors.

Our collection crews pick up materials they drop or spill and may be able to pick up items blown close to containers, but cannot pick up those blown down the street.

Guidance for developers

We have provided guidance about waste disposal for developers.

Joint Waste Committee (JWC)

From April 2013 the oversight of waste management, recycling and street care services was passed to a Joint Waste Committee. This is a joint project with Cotswold Dstrict Council, Cheltenham Borough council, Forest of Dean District Council and Gloucestershire County Council.

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