Council performance

We set out the Council’s aims, priorities and objectives and top tasks in our Corporate Strategy 2016 to 2019. Each year, services develop their service/business plans that show how they contribute to the achievement of the Council’s priorities, and who is responsible. For more details please:

During the year, we monitor the progress of the Corporate Strategy and activities, in particular:

  • the Council’s top tasks
  • efficiency and other performance measures
  • our financial performance
  • review our corporate and service risks and to check that risks are managed to reduce the impact and/or likelihood of the risk

Service and financial performance, and risks that might prevent us from achieving our priorities, are reported quarterly. Senior management and Cabinet use this information to understand how services are performing, where to direct our resources and address poor performance. For more details please:

Performance reports

Review of the year

Each year we produce an annual report to keep you informed of our progress. The report includes information about:

  • Our achievements against our priorities
  • How we work with others
  • Our Finances
  • How we are taking things forward

Cotswold District Council
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