Cotswold District Council commissions public retail survey

Release date: 14 September 2016

Cotswold District Council has appointed consultants to conduct a survey about local retail activity which will contribute to the evidence supporting policies in the Local Plan.

Representatives of a company called NEMS Market Research are making telephone calls to randomly selected residents across the district over the next four weeks.  They will be asking questions including where residents shop for food, and the distance they travel to get there.  The survey should take about eight minutes to complete.

 Cllr Nick Parsons, Deputy Leader of CDC and Cabinet Member for Forward Planning, explains why the survey is necessary:

“To make the Local Plan as robust as possible we need to refresh evidence on a regular basis, and the last time we conducted a retail study was back in 2012.  This new survey will provide current assessments of retail requirements and the public survey will provide very useful information about shopping habits and ‘health checks’ for town centres.

“The telephone survey has just got underway and is going reasonably well. However, some residents have been sceptical about these approaches, probably because we have issued warnings over the years about scammers who have claimed to be representatives of the Council. I can reassure residents that the NEMS officials are 100% genuine and have been engaged by CDC.”

The telephone numbers are generated randomly to ensure the sample is representative of the population within the survey area.  Some people have expressed concerns that they have been called even though they are on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) register. NEMS do not screen numbers against the TPS Register because it is designed to prevent unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls – this does not include genuine market research calls.

Anyone who has any reason to doubt the authenticity of a caller who claims to represent the Council should contact 01285 623000 or email and report the incident to our Customer Services team so that they can investigate.


Cotswold District Council
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