70% of households prepare for waste collection day changes

Release date: 12 September 2016

About 70% of households in the District should have received a letter recently, informing them that their waste collection dates will soon be changing to improve the efficiency of the service.  These changes will take effect from the week beginning Monday 19 September for residents receiving their full collection (refuse, recycling, food and garden waste – if subscribed) week in the North of the District, and the week beginning Monday 26 September for those receiving full collections in the South of the District.

Cllr Sue Coakley, the Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, comments:

“By now, residents who will be affected by this change should have received a letter informing them about their new collection day – for both weekly collections of food (and garden waste service if subscribed) and fortnightly refuse and recycling collections. The letter also pointed out that collection times may change and we have stressed that all containers should be presented at the kerbside by 7 am.  Additionally, the letter also enclosed a revised collection calendar - I would urge residents to study the calendar very carefully so that they can acquaint themselves with the changes.  Even if the day of the week for your collection may have stayed the same, it is possible that the date of your next collection may have changed.”

“The changes are being introduced to counter the impact of a significant increase in the numbers of properties in the District, especially in areas where large new developments have been built.  This has resulted in increasingly heavy workloads for Ubico Ltd crews on some refuse and recycling collection rounds, while other rounds are far less busy in comparison.  Rebalancing the rounds will enable Ubico to improve efficiency by maximising the effectiveness of current resources and should also absorb the impact of further property development over the next few years.  Continuing with current arrangements would have resulted in considerable extra costs for taxpayers through the purchase of new trucks and the hiring of extra crews on certain days - both would then be surplus to requirements on several days, representing a considerable waste of public money.”

Some households will have to wait for more than 14 days for their first refuse or recycling collection after the change is introduced; as a result, Ubico crews will collect any additional refuse and recycling which has accumulated, provided it is placed by the refuse bin or recycling box on the scheduled day of the first collection after 19 September.  Additional refuse should be presented in a bin liner and additional recyclables can be presented in a cardboard box.

Any residents wishing to find out more about the collection day changes and also confirm whether their property is included should visit our re-zoning web page, which includes a waste collection rezone map and specific information for each collection day.



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