Food waste campaign yields additional dividends!

Release date: 11 September 2015

Cotswold District Council has reported a very favourable initial response to a new campaign promoting kerbside food waste recycling – and an increase in demand for other recycling containers too.

Since the campaign started on Monday 7 September the Council has already received requests from residents for almost 170 food waste recycling caddies and has also processed orders for a total of over 200 other kerbside recycling containers – black boxes for newspapers, cans and glass bottles, blue sacks for cardboard and white sacks for rigid plastics.

The food waste campaign, organised by the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team, is underway across the county; waste crews are placing stickers and attaching notes on all wheelie bins, reminding people about the benefits of recycling mealtime leftovers, food past its ‘sell-by’ date, tea bags, bones and egg shells. 

Cllr Sue Coakley, Cabinet Member for Health, Environment and Communities at CDC, is very encouraged by the response so far:

“This is only the first week of the campaign and the results have been very good so far. A similar scheme in Somerset resulted in a 20% increase in food waste recycling and we are hoping for a similar outcome or maybe even better. I am delighted that many residents have also decided to stock up on other recycling containers when they have contacted the Council for caddies – this should improve recycling rates across a much broader spectrum.

“People who are already recycling their food waste may find it a little odd to see stickers on their bins telling them to do just that.  I hope that they understand that this blanket messaging approach is the most efficient means of getting the message across, and it is great that it has prompted a considerable number of householders to review their recycling of other types of waste.”

To order food waste caddies or any other recycling containers – all free of charge – please contact Cotswold District Council 01285 623123.



For detailed information about what to place in food caddies, black boxes, blue sacks and white sacks please see

Kerbside food waste recycling service

Current figures across Gloucestershire show that 10,000 tonnes of food waste per year are being recycled and this means that 20,000 tonnes are still going to landfill, currently at a cost of £80 per tonne.

Food waste, which is collected weekly in Cotswold District, along with garden waste (subscribers only) is composted on a farm in the north west of the county, and is used to manufacture commercially available soil enhancer.

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