Feasibility study will consider car parking options for Cirencester

Release date: 17 September 2015

As part of a project to assess future car parking demand in Cirencester, the Council will commission a feasibility study which will investigate a range of options in the town.

The Council has established a project to effectively manage the availability of car parking to meet the current and future needs of Cirencester, reflecting the development growth identified within the emerging Local Plan.  Members of the Cabinet were provided with an update on progress when they met on 17 September, and they agreed to allocate up to £75,000 from the Council’s priorities fund to commission the following work by consultants:

  • Undertake a study of all CDC car parks in Cirencester and short-list sites that may be suitable for      redevelopment or minor increases in capacity. This will include redesign to maximise capacity and the potential provision of decked car parks.
  • Review an existing feasibility study for Waterloo car park, including an updated flood risk assessment and mitigation report.
  • Undertake archaeological and geotechnical surveys on proposed sites when required.
  • Conduct detailed feasibility studies on short-listed sites (probably two or three sites.)

Cllr Hancock, the Cabinet Minister for Enterprise and Partnerships, has been pleased with the progress of the project so far:

“I and several other Cabinet members have been working hard with Councillor Mark Harris, the Mayor of Cirencester and District Councillor for Cirencester’s Abbey Ward, to get to grips with future parking demand in the town.  We have recently received the results of a detailed survey of usage of the town’s car parks which has provided a good baseline from which to develop our thinking.  We are sharing this and engaging with relevant Ward Members, Cirencester Town Council, the Cirencester Chamber of Commerce and residents’ associations to gain a comprehensive understanding of current parking issues.  We are now at the stage where we need to obtain a detailed review of anticipated future parking trends with clear options to satisfy demand.

“Once future needs have been assessed and solutions identified, a further report will be prepared for Cabinet members, including financial implications.”


Cotswold District Council
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