CDC assures residents that weekly food waste collections will continue

Release date: 8 September 2015

Amid strong indications that the government no longer plans to reinstate weekly general waste collections, Cotswold District Council has issued an assurance that crews from Ubico Ltd will continue to collect food caddies from households once every seven days.

Cllr Sue Coakley, Cabinet Member for Health, Environment and Communities at CDC, says:

“I understand that the government is probably not going to continue with an initiative to restore weekly collections of residual waste.  I welcome this move because I think that it will encourage householders to recycle more.  I am, however, very conscious of the continuing need for the Council to collect recycled food waste on a weekly basis as it has a tendency to smell and deteriorate badly when left for a longish period, especially during warmer weather.” 

Her comments coincide with the start of a Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team campaign across the county which is encouraging residents to make best use of their weekly food waste caddy collection service. Stickers are being placed on all wheelie bins reminding people about the benefits of recycling mealtime leftovers, food past its ‘sell-by’ date, tea bags, bones and egg shells.  Collection crews are also providing information about ordering free food caddies – in Cotswold District, residents should call 01285 62300.

Cllr Coakley continues:

“There is ample scope to make more use of the kerbside food waste recycling service – current figures across the county show that 10,000 tonnes per year are being recycled but this means that 20,000 tonnes are still going to landfill, which is an extremely costly and non-environmentally friendly option. I am hoping that residents in this District can help to improve this food waste recycling performance and do their bit to save scarce resources.”

Food waste, which is collected weekly in Cotswold District, along with garden waste (subscribers only) is composted on a farm in the north west of the county, and is used to manufacture commercially available soil enhancer.



Cotswold District Council
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