Please go easy on cardboard recycling at the kerbside – or it will not be collected

Release date: 23 October 2018

Deliveries of large items purchased on-line, such as televisions, washing machines and furniture, can result in residents having to dispose of large amounts of cardboard packaging. Many people put out all of their cardboard on their scheduled recycling day even when they have an extra large amount, and this can cause problems for crews working hard to complete their rounds.

To make sure everyone has the opportunity to have a reasonable amount of cardboard collected each fortnight, Cotswold District Council has instructed crews from its environmental services provider Ubico Ltd. that they should only collect the equivalent of four blue recycling bags of cardboard from each household.   In future, when larger amounts of cardboard are left at the kerbside for collection, the crews will affix a blue sticker to show that the limit has been exceeded.

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, explains,

“Once the cardboard compartment on a recycling truck becomes full, the vehicle has to go back to the depot to off-load, even if the other material compartments on the vehicle are relatively empty.

This can lead to delays, potential missed collections and disruptions to services.

“To address this problem, we are asking residents to only present a maximum of four blue recycling bags of cardboard – or an equivalent volume of loose cardboard - for kerbside collection.  Please flatten boxes and cut up large sheets into pieces no larger than 1metre square, so that the material can fit through the slot on the vehicles.

“If people have a larger amount of cardboard to dispose of, we would recommend taking it to a local Household Recycling Centre.  The HRCs have cardboard skips that can cope with bigger sheets, larger boxes and greater amounts (provided the material is flattened). For those who cannot access an HRC easily, please try to lessen the load by storing any excess cardboard and putting it out for kerbside collection over a number of weeks.  

“We would also recommend re-use whenever possible. As an example, allotment users or keen gardeners, are often very grateful for large sheets of cardboard, which they can use as a weed suppressing mat.  Sturdy boxes and packaging are also in demand by those moving house. You can advertise the materials on your local Freecycle or ‘Freegle’ internet group, community noticeboard or an equivalent group on Facebook.”


Cotswold District Council
Trinity Road