Council signs up to Green Infrastructure Pledge

Release date: 23 October 2018

On Friday 26 October Cotswold District Council will sign up to a new Green Infrastructure (GI) Pledge. The Pledge has been drawn up by the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership and will be launched formally at an event hosted by Gloucestershire University.

Signing the pledge will further commit the Council to protecting and enhancing the natural environment and open spaces of the villages, towns and countryside of the District to benefit everyone by providing improvements such as wildlife habitats, recreational space, sustainable drainage schemes, footpaths, and cycleways.  CDC is already delivering GI in a number of ways including: new policies and guidance for planning; support for GI projects in the community; providing guidance for neighbourhood plans; and ensuring that high quality open spaces and GI are incorporated in new developments. 

Part of this work is being supported by Government funding secured by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Cotswold District Council and other local authorities in the area. The funding is aimed at embedding a new benchmark called ‘Building with Nature’ that will improve the GI aspects of new developments and plans.  CDC is currently working on a new GI strategy for the District, which uses this benchmark as its basis. As part of that work we will be consulting a number of parish and town councils to find out what they think are the most important components of GI in their local areas and what could be done to improve them.

Cllr Nicholas Parsons, CDC Cabinet Member for Forward Planning, said,

“The Cotswolds is a beautiful area with a very rich natural heritage.  We are committed to protecting and enhancing these natural attributes for the benefit of residents, workers and visitors.  Through the GI Pledge we will ensure that the District’s green infrastructure is improved in a way that benefits all aspects of the environment.” 

More about Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is the network of natural and semi-natural features within and between our villages, towns and cities. These features range in scale, from individual street trees, green roofs and private gardens through to parks, rivers and woodlands, transport corridors, and verges.  At the larger scale, it encompasses wetlands, forests and agricultural land. Good GI practices can improve water management, air quality, public safety, food and energy security, public health and wellbeing, social cohesion, as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation.



Funding for GI is made available through the innovation strand of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government  Planning Delivery Fund.

Cotswold District Council’s  GI Strategy applies across the whole of the District, but will focus initially on the 17 larger settlements in the District that are the focus for development in the Adopted Local Plan 2011-2031

More information about GI can be found online:

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