Please don’t place broken glass in your kerbside recycling box

Release date: 15 November 2018

Over the last few weeks, crew members working for Cotswold District Council’s waste service provider, Ubico Ltd, have sustained cuts when emptying recycling boxes containing broken glass. 

This is a significant health and safety hazard and Ubico has instructed crews not to collect boxes when they see that they contain broken glass.  However, there may be times when the hazard is not apparent and we are urging the public to help avoid this risk.

Please follow these five simple steps to ensure that recycling is presented safely and considerately: 

Step 1 – Use one black recycling box for paper and magazines. (If you only have room for one box - put the papers at one end and the glass at the other).

Step 2 – Use a second black recycling box for all glass bottles and jars - no broken glass please. (Order a second box if you need one).

Step 3 - Use the white recycling sack for tins/cans, aerosols, plastic bottles, food trays, yoghurt pots and other types of mixed rigid plastics.

Step 4 – Use the blue recycling sack for corrugated (brown coloured) cardboard or light (grey coloured) card.

Step 5 – Use the green caddy for food waste.  

Residents with broken glass are advised to wrap it in newspaper and place it in the grey waste bin for collection. 

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC Cabinet Member for the Environment, is concerned that crew members have sustained cuts while working,

“We are urging the public to avoid creating unnecessary risks for the Ubico crews who work extremely hard to get through a heavy workload.  Following the Council’s five steps advice will help expedite their work and – importantly – ensure that they stay safe from harm when emptying recycling containers.”

To request an extra black box please or contact the CDC Waste Team email us at or phone 01285 623123.



Cotswold District Council
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