Ubico workers get to grips with falling leaves in Cotswolds

Release date: 23 November 2016

Caption: Regular street cleaning ensures that leaves are collected by Ubico crews on a timely basis.

Cotswold District Council has praised the efforts of crews working for its environmental services provider Ubico Ltd who have been tackling the seasonal challenge posed by falling leaves.  Their proactive approach has ensured that many paths have been cleared, and drains have not been blocked by dead leaves during recent heavy rain from Storm Angus.

Cllr Sue Coakley, Cabinet Member for the Environment at CDC, is impressed with the efforts of the Ubico workers:

“Communities across the District know that when falling leaves become soggy they pose considerable safety and flooding risks, and we are grateful to everyone who has phoned the Waste Hotline to report potential hazards.  Some parts of the country have been affected by heavy flooding over the last few days and one of the main causes was the build-up of leaves around drains – that is why it is so important that Ubico keep on top of this seasonal challenge to avoid similar problems in the Cotswolds.

“Ubico operates three road sweeping vehicles all year round in areas of high footfall but they hire an extra 15 tonne vehicle to cover the leaf fall during the Autumn months.  This extra vehicle enables them to increase collections, and the average number of tips per day has doubled over the last few weeks. 

“The Ubico teams plan the routes for the sweepers to allow maximum time on the road each day and – aside from scheduled work - they have responded to most ad-hoc leaf reports from residents within a three day time frame.

“We are also very pleased to see that many residents have been out of doors collecting fallen leaves in and around their homes and then composting them.  Those who do not have compost heaps can also collect the leaves in plastic bags and store them securely in the knowledge that they will decompose and form an excellent mulch which will be ready for spreading on the garden in a few months’ time. Alternatively you can recycle your leaves through the garden waste scheme.”

Anyone who would like to report a build-up of falling leaves which might pose flooding or other safety risks, especially around drains, should call the Waste Hotline on 01285 623123.



All the falling leaves collected by Ubico are added to the weekly (paid for) collections of green waste across the District. This is composted to manufacture commercially available soil enhancer, which is available to purchase from all Household Recycling Centres, including Fosse Cross, at £3.50 for a 40 litre sack.

The quality of this material is so good that it should not be used directly as compost, but rather as a conditioner to be dug in with existing soil.

Cotswold District Council
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