Dementia Awareness week starts on 15 May

Release date: 12 May 2016

National Dementia Awareness week runs from Sunday 15 to Saturday 21 May, and Cotswold District Council is supporting the Independence Trust to provide two free events in the north and south of the District which will inform the public about the support which is available locally.

The Dementia Awareness events will take place at Moreton-in-Marsh Market from 9 am to 3.30 pm on Tuesday 17 May, and at Cirencester Town Hall from 10 am to 3 pm on Thursday 19 May.  

At both venues, a range of specialists and local experts will be on hand to provide advice and information about all aspects of dementia for carers, the general public and those with the disease. Visitors to the events will be able to find out about Memory Clubs, dementia assessments, dealing with isolation, and many other issues.

Cllr Sue Coakley, CDC Cabinet Member for Health, Environment and Communities, is eager to promote dementia awareness across the District:

“Dementia touches so many lives today that all of us should understand better how to recognise and deal with people who have the condition. This requires learning different ways to communicate, developing a sympathetic attitude towards those who struggle at supermarket check-outs, and being able to direct people to sources of good advice. I hope that the two events next week will help to spread this good practice, as well as providing more information about the support available.“

“Over the last few years, the Council has worked hard to raise the profile of dementia and the ways in which everyone can mitigate its impact.  We pioneered 10 Memory Clubs across the District, which are now run by ‘Keep Safe Keep Active’, offering respite care and social support for people with dementia and their carers. We have also established a strong alliance with the Independence and Mental Health Trusts and Alzheimer’s Society to support a network of volunteers who help communities cope with the condition.”

Further information about dementia can be obtained from the Independence Trust  and the Alzheimer’s Society  


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