Stuck for a parking space? Try the Waterloo!

Release date: 23 March 2017

Cotswold District Council is keen to ensure that motorists visiting Cirencester know how to get to the Waterloo car park in the town.  Regular parking surveys have shown that the car park currently has spare capacity during peak times, including on Fridays and Saturdays. 

As an example, the most recent survey, carried out from Monday 13 to Saturday 18 March, showed that the Waterloo – with a capacity of 233 vehicles – had the following spaces:

Date10am   11am   Midday1pm   2pm   3pm   
13 March 61 45 42 29 32 28
14 March 66 38 42 49 15 7
15 March 27 19 17 24 58 64
16 March 42 26 20 38 53 75
17 March 22 8 13 27 43 48
18 March 22 3 46 49 54 114

Another trend worth noting is that the car parks at the Old Station and Sheep Street - which are heavily used by permit holders from Mondays to Fridays - tend to be much quieter on Saturdays.  

The Council’s Head of Environmental Services, Claire Locke, wants to make sure that motorists are aware of the Waterloo parking option:

“We realise that there is a high demand for parking in Cirencester at peak times but our surveys show that the Waterloo is well worth a try when other car parks are full.

“The Waterloo is rather hidden from view so it is not the most obvious destination for people who don’t know the town very well.  However, the car park is very close to the Market Place and all other amenities in the centre.  Our calculations show that the Waterloo is only 350m from the church of St. John the Baptist – the equivalent of four and a half minutes walking time at a leisurely pace.  It takes even less time to reach the shops in Dyer Street.

“We want to ensure that the Waterloo is a considered option when people are looking for parking spaces, and we will be circulating leaflets and posters around the town to draw attention to its location.”

Regular parking surveys are carried out by the CDC parking team and published on the Cirencester Parking project page of the Council’s website.


Cotswold District Council
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