Plans approved for final stage of Moreton flood alleviation scheme

Release date: 28 June 2016

Caption: l to r Cllr Nigel Moor (Gloucs County Council), Cllr Sue Coakley (CDC), Cllr Robert Dutton (CDC) and CDC Principal Engineer Laurence King inspected the Stow Brook improvement works in Moreton when they were completed last year.  

Planning permission was recently granted for the final stage of a major flood alleviation scheme in Moreton-in-Marsh, which will involve the creation of a series of culverts and ditches to reduce flood risk.  The Environment Agency has assessed that the scheme would be effective without causing any damage to the surrounding land, and this paves the way for work to commence within the next few months.


Commenting on this progress Cllr Sue Coakley, the Cabinet Member for the Environment at Cotswold District Council and chair of the Moreton Flood Alleviation Board, said:


“This is excellent news. Now that planning consent has been granted we hope that this work can proceed within the next few months.  We now need to secure the necessary legal agreements in the next couple of months through discussions with relevant landowners, and we are very grateful for their cooperation in this matter. We have already spent £350,000 on improvements to flood defences in the town and it is good to know that we are nearing completion.”


Councillor Vernon Smith, the Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Floods, also welcomed the news that progress is being made:


“It is really important to me personally and the County Council to continue improving flood relief across the county. Gloucestershire County Council has agreed to allocate additional funding of £50,000 to support this scheme.”


Councillor Michael Lucas of Moreton Town Council was delighted to hear the news and explained how much the completion of the scheme would mean to residents:


“Moreton-in-Marsh is grateful that the diversion scheme to the South West of the town has now been approved. When this work is finished it will complete the planned major flood alleviation works to protect the town. Moreton in Marsh Town Council has agreed funding of £30,000 and would like to thank Gloucestershire County Council and Cotswold District Council for their contributions to the scheme. The town is also grateful for the various improvements which have been carried out over the years to reduce flood risk. We are thankful that the properties in Swan Close did not flood during the recent heavy rains due to the completion of the bund. Once the South and West Sections of the scheme are completed, and connected to the culvert installed at Stowbridge in September last year, the town will see a significant reduction in flood risk.”



Cotswold District Council
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