Cllr Harris sets out his aims as Chair of Parking Board

Release date: 24 June 2016

Cllr Mark Harris, the Mayor of Cirencester and Cotswold District Councillor for Abbey Ward, has been appointed as the Chair of a Parking Board which has been established to address concerns about parking capacity in Cirencester.  The appointment was made public when the CDC Cabinet met on Thursday 16 June. 

Cllr Harris was keen to take on the role, and he has already outlined the aims of the Parking Board:

“We want to improve parking capacity in Cirencester both in the short and longer term.  We also want to ensure that the public is made aware of all the parking options available in the town and that they get to know about new solutions as soon as they emerge.  Finally, we also want to promote alternative methods of travel, including the use of public transport and healthy options such as walking and cycling.

“The Board comprises Members and Officers of the Council and we will be working with key stakeholders - including the Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Civic Society – to find ways to alleviate the heavy demand for parking spaces at peak times.  We are especially keen to ensure that we get our communications right – it is important that the public has a comprehensive understanding of the work going on to improve the situation, and we will be issuing updates on a regular basis.  We are looking forward to a meeting with key stakeholders in early July to explain our rationale and enlist their help.  Together we can address this issue - and the more we can get people to rally behind our efforts the better things will be.”

The Cirencester parking project was recently assigned priority status by the Council and Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington was recently appointed as the Cabinet Member with special responsibility for overseeing progress.  He welcomes the appointment of Cllr Harris as Chair of the Parking Board:

“In his capacity as the Mayor of Cirencester, Mark Harris is ideally placed to help us seek out the best parking solutions and drive them forward.  He works tirelessly to promote the town across a wide range of issues, and he is fully committed to playing his part in improving car parking provision.  I already know that he has some excellent ideas to alleviate problems in the short term and I look forward to working with him.”


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