Council identifies almost eight years supply of land for housing

Release date: 12 June 2015

Cotswold District Council has reported that there is currently an eight year supply of current, suitable and achievable land for residential development.  This calculation was endorsed when the Cabinet met on 11 June to review the latest annual position.

The supply of housing land is measured against a local authority’s annual housing requirement, taking account of various delivery assumptions, to produce an estimate of the number of dwellings expected to be delivered within five years. If the estimate is less than the required five years’ worth of housing supply plus 5%, the authority is vulnerable to speculative planning applications anywhere, including sites that do not accord with local planning policies.  The Planning Inspectorate has taken a tough line with the many councils which have fallen short of the five year supply requirement and has increased their buffer from 5% to 20%.   

Details of the calculations will soon be available on line via the Council’s website.

Commenting on the latest housing land supply situation, Cllr Nick Parsons, the Deputy Leader of CDC and Cabinet Member for Forward Planning, said:

“I welcome this update very much because it shows that we are well on target to meet stringent government land supply requirements.  In fact, the number of housing completions in the District over the last 4-5 years shows that we are over-delivering and, provided we continue this progress, we should have a good case for removing the 20% buffer imposed by the Planning Inspectorate in 2013.



Cotswold District Council
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