Badger catches wasps and rats in Cotswolds!

Release date: 4 June 2015

Caption: Alex Badger with his array of pest control equipment.

Summer is just around the corner and warmer weather is finally on the way.  This is normally good news for most of us but the rise in temperature also has its downsides, including the inevitable increase in the number of householders who are bothered by pests.  

In Cotswold District, two pest control officers – Alex Badger in the north and Steve Floyd in the south – are preparing for their busiest time of the year.  Wasps tend to be the biggest problem during the summer and there are always rats, mice and other vermin to deal with.  Alex has also recently acquired a new qualification in wildlife control measures using aluminium phosphide, which means that he is now able to deal with more vermin control problems which impact on the farming community, including damage caused by rats, rabbits,  and moles. 

Alex has been doing this work for over 21 years and clearly enjoys it:

“Those calling for our services are usually very pleased to see me and Steve.  They realise that we carry out all treatments as humanely as possible, only using approved products and adhering to strict health and safety measures. For obvious reasons, we have more call-outs in the summer and it’s sometimes hard to keep on top of the workload when wasps are a particular menace.  Nevertheless, there is never a dull moment and the days just fly by.”

He describes the Cotswolds as a ‘healthy’ haven for vermin such as rats:

“As this district is largely rural, rats tend not to carry as many diseases as they might in large urban settlements. Nevertheless, they are still a significant threat to householders and crop up in domestic, commercial and agricultural premises. The 2007 floods caused particular problems because they migrated to places where they wouldn’t have been normally.“

In his spare time, Alex is a countryman through and through.  He has competed twice in the England national gun dog team, having trained an English springer spaniel to gain field trial champion status, and is also a current spaniel judge with the Kennel Club:

“I have a deep love of the countryside, and it is a pleasure to travel around the Cotswolds keeping pests at bay, especially at this time of year when the whole area looks stunning.”

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