Public health warning about washing salad leaves

Release date:  18 July 2016

Public Health England (PHE) is warning people to make sure that they wash all salad leaves thoroughly before eating, as there are concerns that this food could be the source of an outbreak of E.coli.

Although the source of the outbreak is not confirmed, PHE has identified that several of those affected had eaten pre-packed salad including rocket leaves, prior to becoming unwell.

The latest update from PHE is that 151 cases of E.coli have been identified and two of the individuals affected have died.

Further information can be found on the PHE website.

Advice on how to avoid E.coli infection

  • Wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet, before and after handling food, and after handling animals

  • Remove any loose soil before storing vegetables and salads

  • Wash all vegetables and fruits that will be eaten raw

  • Store and prepare raw meat and unwashed vegetables away from ready-to-eat foods

  • Do not prepare raw vegetables with utensils that have also been used for raw meat

  • Cook all minced meat products, such as burgers and meatballs, thoroughly

  • People who have been ill should not prepare food for others for at least 48 hours after they have recovered


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