New project will address future parking demand in Cirencester

Release date: 14 July 2015

Cotswold District Council has launched a new project which aims to make big improvements to the provision of car parking in Cirencester.

In an effort to better coordinate its approach to meeting future demand, the Council has created a Project Board which brings together senior officers to consider the impact of parking on Cirencester, taking account of both approved and anticipated future developments.  The Project Board  will be led by the Cabinet Members responsible for parking, legal and property/development management and forward planning services (Councillors Chris Hancock, Sue Jepson, and Nick Parsons respectively), together with Councillor Mark Harris, the Mayor of Cirencester and District Councillor for Cirencester’s Abbey Ward.  

At the outset, the Board members will engage with key local stakeholders, including relevant Ward Members, Cirencester Town Council, Cirencester Chamber of Commerce and residents’ associations.  This will enable them to gain a comprehensive understanding of current parking issues, prior to reviewing anticipated future parking demand and considering options for meeting that demand. 

Although this project is only focused on parking in Cirencester at present, it could be replicated in the future to consider parking demand in other Cotswold settlements.

The Chairman of the new Project Board, Cllr Hancock, is mindful of the importance of the task ahead:

“At Cotswold District Council, we recognise that residential and commercial growth will have a significant impact on demand for town centre parking, particularly in Cirencester, where there is already pressure on parking provision. 

“Whilst we have no statutory obligation to provide parking - and are under no obligation to deliver additional parking as part of the emerging Local Plan - we, nevertheless, understand the importance of ensuring that the parking needs of businesses, workers, shoppers, tourists and residents are managed effectively, and we believe that the project route is the best way to tackle this issue.”

Councillor Mark Harris is looking forward to the challenge ahead:

“I am pleased to be involved in this exciting project which provides a real opportunity to improve parking provision in and around the town in a cooperative, professional and comprehensive manner.”


Cotswold District Council
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