Waterloo car park progress – ground survey begins on 18 March

Release date: 11 March 2019

A structural ground survey will begin at Waterloo car park on 18 March to assess the site’s load bearing capacity in advance of the Council submitting proposals to build a multi-storey car park.

The work involves boring three holes in locations within the car park and will take about two weeks to complete.  The contractor will be erecting screens around the areas affected and this will have a temporary impact on the availability of car parking spaces near the borehole sites.  We will soon display notices at the site informing the public about this work.

We apologise in advance for any noise which may affect neighbouring properties and have instructed the contactor to minimise any impact.  All permit holders for the Waterloo have the option of using the Abbey Grounds during these works.

The Council needs to undertake this ground survey to make sure that the foundations will bear a multi-storey structure. We have already commissioned an Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion for the proposed new car park.  This will enable independent scrutiny of the project’s impact, as well as providing  useful advice about mitigating any potential environmental issues such as flooding, contaminates and ambient noise levels. 

The results of the ground survey will provide essential information for use by the engineers designing the structure.  It will also provide greater clarity when working up the cost estimates.

For more information about the Cirencester Parking Project see www.cotswold.gov.uk/parkingproject



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