Please go easy on cardboard recycling!

Release date: 9 January 2019 

With the Christmas period just having concluded, it is inevitable that most households will still have excess waste and recycling to be collected - and this can result in residents having to dispose of large amounts of cardboard packaging. Many people present all of this cardboard on their scheduled recycling collection day, but this can cause problems for crews working hard to complete their rounds. The lorries have restricted space and capacity is at a premium. If you do find that all your excess cardboard has not been collected by our crews, then please try to store it and present smaller amounts for collection over a number of weeks. Alternatively, cardboard is accepted by all Household Recycling Centres, including Fosse Cross.

More generally, there may be a small number of delays in catching up on post-Christmas collections. Please see /residents/bins-and-recycling/report-a-missed-collection/ to check on any problems we have noted.




Cotswold District Council
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